Fog grounds planes, such as those installed at major airports in the U

Fog grounds planes, such as those installed at major airports in the U.S., will be affected.

But Mr. Trump also wants to protect federal contractors — who generally are required to disclose who is paying them to operate airplanes and the jobs they do. The White House has said, however, that the Department of Homeland Security is considering including contractors in disclosure forms that must be provided to every employee, though officials declined to give details.

The announcement comes after years of criticism from some members of Congress — most notably from Sen. John McCain — who questioned whether the president was “compromising” security by ordering an expansion of aviation security at major U.S. airports. Some aviation experts say that is unfair and that federal government officials need more authority to secure airports.

“The president has given our entire federal government the ability and the duty to control air travel,” said Steve Heiden, an industry consultant who said he does not believe the administration has acted improperly. “The question is, what will be their obligation to do? What is our obligation to make sure that we take care of the country.”

Mr.더킹카지노 Trump’s decision comes as the Obama administration was considering revising a requirement that some federal contractors disclose who pays for their services. Mr. Obama initially proposed the measure this year but dropped it because of a public backlash, said Robert Litt, an aviation specialist at the Rand Corp. “There has been some very strong criticism of the plan,” he said in an interview.

Heiden and others who have opposed Mr. Obama’s decision say Mr. Trump did not give his administration’s staff an opportunity to explain the changes to the president before he announced them publicly on Friday.

The president issued the directive as a signal of his determination to boost security at foreign airports after last month’s terrorist attack더킹카지노 in Paris that injured 129 people. A New York Times report said the White House decided to delay the Paris plan until after the election.

“In the aftermath of terror attacks, security at our country’s large airports and domestic transit hubs must be at the top of the president’s national security agenda, and all our government is responsible for ensuring that it is,” the directive said. “Our ability to travel is as essential as it has ever been. The president has directed that additional funding be made available to allow us to ensure security at tjarvees.comhe country’s airports and domestic transit hubs, starting with the expansion of the Department of Homeland Security’s operational planning workforce and expanded staffing at federal air traffic control agencies.”