Five dead in oklahoma plane crash

Five dead in oklahoma plane crash

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the deadly plane crash in which a flight attendant was killed.

The crash happened Wednesday at Oklahoma’s Hirt Airport. It left at least three dead, as well as at least four passengers and an elderly woman.

The Transportation Security Administration was alert에볼루션카지노ed shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday, officials said. The plane did not have a valid boarding pass, according to officials.

An FBI report on the crash is expected Thursday, officials said.

The NTSB will be assisted by the Oklahoma Aviation Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration. NTSB investigators will be assisted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Witnesses described feeling the plane fly over and h모나코 카지노it the plane in the woods. One person told ABC News he spotted the plane’s cockpit and the “fog” on the wing in the woods.

An unidentified person who heard the plane crash spoke to ABC News. The calle수원안마r identified the plane as “Blackbird.”

“The plane just went through, that’s what it was going through. We don’t know exactly what happened, but what I remember was the fuselage going all around like it was on fire. The plane went straight down to where I was parked, on the runway.”

The NTSB says officials believe the pilot was attempting to land from within the runway when the engine failed, and no passengers were on board.

A flight attendant was the only pilot on board that day, but she survived.

She died in the crash, but she and other relatives were not hospitalized.

Federal investigators are conducting a second, more extensive investigation, ABC News affiliate KFOR reported.