What is Educators Rising?

Educators Rising Kansas provides high school students opportunities to explore teaching as a career. It helps students gain a realistic understanding of a teacher and the nature of education.

Who can belong to this energetic organization?

Any student who is enrolled in an Education Profession or Early Childhood Development class can join Educators Rising Kansas. Here in Kansas Educators Rising is transforming how Kansas develops aspiring teachers. Starting with high school students, we provide passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. The result is a pipeline of accomplished teachers who are positioned to make a lasting difference, not only in the lives of their students, but also in the field of teaching more broadly.

Educators Rising Kansas is supported by Kansas National Education Association, recognized by the Kansas State Board of Education and a partner of Career and Technical Education. Educators Rising Kansas allows teachers to bring the classroom to the real-world.  Our student led conferences and resources make Educators Rising Kansas a natural fit for a successful Education Career pathway.

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